Thursday, 8 January 2015

In Walsall

From 17 November 2014

This is Elder Mohlabeng. He's from South Africa and he's being trained by my trainee Elder Bergquist in Cwmbran, Wales. He's a legend apparently. This picture is significant because he's wearing a tie that I passed down as my posterity tie to Elder Bergquist who passed it on to him. I don't know if you would remember but Mom gave me that tie for Valentine's day in my Sophomore or Junior year. I really liked it and was a bit sad to see it go but it's being put to good use!

Elder Houghton

note from Elder Houghton's companion:

Hello Houghton's.
Thank you for raising Elder Houghton to be the missionary he is. He deals with the things that I choose not to and don't want to. Well hope you guys have a happy day.
'Ofa atu
Elder Tukuafu

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