Sunday, 15 March 2015

Marching Forward

From 9 March 2015
Gary and Susanne at the chapel along with Elder Hunter. It was pouring down with rain in the morning but then too bright to take a picture later.

Dear Everyone,

Sorry for my slacking on getting out emails to everyone. No excuses.

This week was a challenging one at first but it was good in the end. We got to see some cool things happen.

Image result for mini cooper 3On Sunday, we got to church early with the Galloways and I was practising the piano while we waited. Brother Prior, of the Branch Presidency, was in the room and commented: "Who's got the new Mini Cooper D?" I looked at Elder Hunter suspiciously and he had a wide grin. I then quickly asked: "What colour is it?" The response from Brother Prior: "Red." So, basically, Gary and Susanne who we taught in Gloucester, came to visit us! Elder Hunter arranged it and it was a total surprise for me (He got a tongue lashing for that one! I hate surprises.). We got to see them and talk with them and it was wonderful. They are amazing and they are doing really well. They've been to the temple to do baptisms four times with the Bishop and his wife and another couple in the ward who fellowshipped them (and who are now their closest friends) and they have callings and are preparing so they can be sealed for time and all eternity. I took my revenge on them surprising me by asking Susanne to share her conversion story in Gospel Principles. It was amazing. It was so lovely to see them! It just filled me with happiness and gratitude that they are doing so well!

Later, while we were coordinating with the Galloways, our stalwart and amazing-in-every-way senior couple here in Milford Heaven, Elder Hunter took this picture from their balcony of a beautiful sunset as two Belgian trawlers departed the Marina. We live in a beautiful place and it's wonderful!

On Saturday, we were invited to Ethan Sky's birthday 11th party (Ben 10 Theme). We had our lunch there and it was great-got to talk to some cool people who are friends with the Sky family and also celebrate. We didn't have any wrapping paper for the gift we got Ethan so we had to put it in a cloth Christmas gift bag that we found. We wrote all over it in sharpie Ben 10 Ben 10 Ben 10 and Ethan 11 Ethan 11 Ethan 11. It was quite funny to me for some reason. Ethan is a great kid-as are the rest of the Sky children. I love their family so much!

Tonight is my last dodge night in which I could be moved. I hope that I don't-and I don't think I will be-as many have said, "it would be cruel" but I guess I don't really know. We think Elder Hunter will stay as well but we shall see!

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary. It is tough as there are many people who, for whatever reason, don't want to know but it is amazing to see how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ really helps people if they will open their hearts to receive it. It is a huge blessing!

Lots of Love,
Elder (for 6 more weeks) Luke Houghton

This was a massive throne thing we found in the castle we went
to for District P day last week in Kidwelly. It was a great day of exploration and fun!