Monday, 19 January 2015

Another great week in Wales (and some sickness)

Dear Everyone,

This week was off to a great start. The Senior Couple here (who are amazing!) has been working with a family so that we could teach the kids and other things were going well. A family we've been teaching (Mom+Dad+daughter) were both doing well on quitting smoking (and had been clean for 9 days last we were able to check). So, the first two working days (Tuesday and Wednesday went really well but then on Thursday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. I quickly supplied my system with ample Vitamin C (say vih-TA-min not VIE-ta-min) but to no avail. I think I just have a weak immune system (not helped by spending all of Wednesday traipsing around Haverfordwest in dreadful weather (though I did stay dry and warm)). So, Thursday night, Friday and most of Saturday were pretty dreadful-It got really bad. I was up to doing a few things on Saturday and then church on Sunday but other than that I was just out-exhausted and miserable. But I think I'm getting better now! Hopefully I'll be all good tomorrow morning as I've still got it now (not too bad fortunately). Also, the weather was taunting me. The days I was worst were the nicest, sunniest, warmest days that we've had so far this year!

So, the first half of the week was good, the second half presented some challenges, and then it was over. I'm really excited for a branch activity that the missionary team is putting on as a fireside next Sunday focused on missionary work. We're trying to find the right balance of fun and spiritual (noting of course that it is both an activity and a Sunday thing). We collaborated really well with our new branch missionary/turning-in-mission-papers-soon-future-missionary plus the senior couple and us. It will be great and will hopefully get the branch up and going for a great year of sharing the gospel with the people of Pembrokeshire!

While I was sick and unable to sleep, I took some time to look through some of the many many old Ensigns we have in our flat. I read many articles. One in particular stood out. it was about a man who is a tour guide for Machu Pichu in Peru. He was disappointed that many of his colleagues had lost the sense of wonder and interest he had for the site because they felt like they'd already found and discovered what there was there and there was not much more for them. The man then compared this kind of disinterest with what people experience when they've experienced the blessings of the gospel but then feel like they've seen it all and stop being interested and excited. I realised how meaningful and important it was that there is just so much to learn from the scriptures and words of living prophets. As we live life, we are faced with new and greater challenges all the time but equal to the different trials and experiences we may have are the tools of knowledge and revelation that Heavenly Father gives us to help us address those needs that we have. The Atonement really is infinite-it covers everything in the past, present, and future. I'm grateful that there is so much to learn and gain from following the Saviour and keeping his commandments-we need not get bored or lose interest because there is just so much to gain each day!

All that being said, I love it here. There are challenges every day but that's ok. Things are happening in Milford Haven!

Lots of Love!
Elder Houghton

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