Thursday, 8 January 2015

Christmas in Wales 2014

From 29 December 2014

President and Sister Williams and their three children, of the Milford Haven branch, were wonderful hosts on Christmas Day.  They facilitated a much-appreciated skype session, and provided a delicious diner, Christmas gifts, an adventure to the beach, and follow-up communication with our family.  Thank you Williams family!

President and Sister Williams
The Williams Children

Christmas Dinner with the Williams Family
Opening gifts with the Williams family

The Williams opening the present we gave them.
  It was a cast turtle shell on a stand and a book called "Grain Brain"
which we oddly had in our flat... It was just to be funny.
The greatest part was the work we did to wrap it with
lego stickers and drawings by Elder Woodruff.
It was great. Sad to see that it had to be unwrapped though.
It was definitely a quality job... 

The Beach we went to at Christmas with the Williams.
A waterfall on the beach on Christmas day.
The cut on Elder Houghton's toe from his beach adventure.
Christmas Day with the Williams
Boxing Day Elders Woodruff and Houghton

The beach and Polar Plunge crowd on Boxing Day

Elder Houghton (the island in the background is
accessible only depending on the tide) at a beach
 in Tenby enjoying cold and rain.

Love you all and hope you have a great weekend. It was great to talk to (some of) you and I'll look forward to seeing you all very soon.


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