Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy New Year!

From 5 January 2015

Hello Everyone!

It has been an exciting start to 2015 in Milford Haven. Things are going well. The weather hasn't been too bad and we had a most epic P day.  Here are some pictures of that to start out with.

Out on an adventure with the Williams and friend
Elder Woodruff and the peaks in Wales

On New Years Eve, we roasted a turkey that a member had given us for Christmas. We had to be in at 6 so it was the best time to do it. I must say, the turkey turned out great. Quite moist and tender-the best (and only) we have done. We stuffed it with onions and oranges (if we'd had celery, we could have used that too-that's all that I remember of my mother's amazing thanksgiving Turkey Preparations). 

So we enjoyed an amazing spread for dinner that night (along with our green kool-aid/sugar overload) and then later made Turkey and Blackcurrant jam sandwiches (no cranberry relish...) which were great for lunch.

The best use of leftovers came the other night--Turkey Chow Mein.  

The Chow Mein​ and some Chicken Pies Elder Woodruff made me.  Isn't he the best!?!

So ya, things are going great here. Two branch missionaries were called so we now have a great branch Mission Team to work with. I'm way excited for that. We're going to start up a Gospel Principles class next week which will be really good. It was quite amazing because Elder Woodruff and I had talked about some things we wanted to do to help the branch and having a gospel principles class for the new and returning members was a bit part of that. Then the branch President called us in and had it planned out perfectly. It was great.

We had a cool experience earlier in the week when we went out to Pembroke Dock. It was kind of tough but things worked out. We biked out and the weather was pretty good but just as we crossed the massive bridge across the harbour to get to Pembroke Dock, it started pouring down with rain and was quite windy. We got to Pembroke Dock and we were completely soaked. We ended up leaving our bikes at a member's house (the same awesome member who gave us the turkey actually) and the Galloways (amazing Sr. Couple here) rescued us and took us back to Milford Haven. It is seriously so nice to have people take care of us! I'm so grateful for them! When we went to get the bikes, we arrived earlier than planned and were in a conundrum about what to do while we waited for the member to get back. We first set out in one direction on foot to contact some people in Pembroke but shortly realised that it would take way too long and decided to turn back and do some work in Pembroke Dock itself. As we walked back we came across two little boys who had escaped their house unbeknownst to their parents and were playing in the street-oblivious to the cars passing by. We were able to take the boys back to their parents nearby with the help of a kind lady passer-by. It was just small and simple but interesting to see how what we would have considered an illogical and inefficient travel plan turned out being exactly what the Lord needed us to do at that time.

We saw many miracles this week and it has been wonderful. It is amazing how closely God is involved in His work and in the lives of his Children. I love it so much!

That's all for now. Sorry to not have much substance but I hope you're all well!
Elder Houghton

RAWR!  This is a picture from Elder Woodruff's Family. They hunt Cougars (and he wants to go to BYU... I detect a bit of an issue there). I'm trying to get a hat out of this as well.  We Houghtons have our own cougar stories-
we just don't get to keep our cats.

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