Thursday, 8 January 2015

Joy is in the Air! (a cold bug too!)

From 8 December 2014

Dear Everyone,

It's been an ok week. The weather was nice every single day that Elder Tukuafu was sick (he's got a week-long cold bug that's been going around). I'm still symptom free (crossing fingers). On the days he was well at the beginning of the week, the weather wasn't too bad but it wasn't the best. But it's ok. We have had some cool things happen. I will just list some below:

-The Slovakian Family is doing ok. They want to get married so they will be living the Law of Chastity which is way good. It could actually happen! Only problems are that the woman(/fiancée) was sick on Sunday-->no talking to the Bishop and other members to arrange a wedding because they didn't come to church. They are really good and kind and funny. We need to work on their English though.
-I'm participating in a musical item for Zone Conference tomorrow. We've still got to hash things out but I took some time while Elder Tukuafu was sick to brainstorm and we've got some good things going. It will be a medley of Coventry Carol and What Child is This concluding with a verse which starts "He is the Gift" to go along with the He is the Gift initiative. It's going to be great.
-The Hiltons (Sr. Couple serving in the ward) are leaving on Wednesday. I'm so sad that they are going. They are just so wonderful and amazing! I think they will be replaced by a new couple but I'm really sad that they're going nonetheless.
-The other Elders are teaching an Ethiopian couple who speak Aramaic (spl?) which is way cool.
-The Ward Christmas Party on Friday was a major success (even though it was the only thing we really got to do on Friday with Elder Tukuafu being sick). The turnout was the best of anything at the chapel in a long time according to the Bishop-the cultural hall was full. It was also great that we got to share the He is the Gift Video with everyone there. Everyone took it well and it was way cool to see how the video helped the whole activity transition from happy talkative to happy peaceful (both good but interesting to see how things changed as people watched the video and felt the spirit).
-I'm excited for Christmas. It's approaching way faster than I'd realised. It will be great!
-We started teaching a deeply Evangelical guy named Luke this past week. He really really likes the bible and particularly his interpretation of it but he's got a good understanding of how gaining a testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon would then cause him to need to make some big changes in how he sees the world. It's a big change for him to make which makes it difficult for him to receive a testimony but he's honestly seeking the truth I think so it will be good-a long process though...

Anyhow, I've got to go now. I love you all lots and hope that you're feeling the joy of Christmas.

Elder Houghton

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