Thursday, 8 January 2015

End of November!

From 1 December 2014

Dear Everyone,

I'm really really excited for Christmas. It's going to be great. One of the greatest things about it for us is the He is the Gift Initiative we get to participate in as missionaries. Unfortunately, we don't have opportunities to share it over social media/the internet as might be useful so instead, I'm going to ask you all to help me out. The website is:

It's wonderful and amazing and so so true. Hopefully it will help the world remember the true meaning of Christmas. I also hope people will realise that a faith in Jesus Christ doesn't just appear in one's life or get inherited-it's something that we have to work for-it's a process. Also, our new Ward Mission Leader's wife is friends with the lady who plays Mary (apparently she's now playing Glenda in Wicked in the West End in London-(Tess, before you ask, I am working on getting an autograph)) and I've met one of the guys shown in the middle of the video.

The last week of November was pretty good. We had a great Thanksgiving Activity put on by the youth on Friday night and we scrambled for like three hours to get a lift for our Slovakian Investigators only for them to have family show up from London two hours before it started so they didn't come. It was a good activity though and we got some good time helping out the ward members. A Less Active Lady we connected with did come and had a relatively good experience so that's good. The food was eaten in a very non-thanksgiving way and there wasn't tonnes of it but that was fine. The Hiltons did make Pumpkin Pie sort of in a 9X13 pan which was delicious and I almost melted when it hit my mouth. Then I found out it was just faux pumpkin but that's ok. Either it tasted the same or I've been in England too long to notice a difference. The Hiltons had also made Root Beer which was way better than the stuff we can get at Asda. I just hope that the people in the ward don't think that we normally have root beer with Thanksgiving but do realise that Root Beer actually has a great flavour.

I'm grateful for my wonderful mother who sent me a micro-SD card of Christmas Music which I absolutely love! She also sent me more spices to make Pebfernoddox (which isn't going to happen in our flat-we only have one really badly rusted baking pan) But, the smell is enough for me and maybe I'll get transferred before Christmas. I also am grateful for the letter I got from Eliza which was lovely.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Christ-Centred Christmas Season!

Elder Houghton

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