Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Transfers and a Great P-Day

From 2 February 2015
Beautiful coast near Milford Haven, Wales

Dear Everyone,

I have only a few minutes. Transfer happened. Elder Woodruff was sent to Coventry (which is a saying in England that you'll have to look up) and I stayed and got (drumroll please) Elder Hunter! It was quite weird and it's really strange serving with the same person again. We don't have the awkward 1-2 weeks of getting to know each other before we can get things really going. It's weird though because we've both learned and changed quite a bit and we're in a different situation from before (he's coming into my area and not the other way around) plus our area is quite different now. It's good though and things should go well. Though anything could happen with the next transfer, as the saying goes, Elder Hunter's got the bullet (will be my last companion) which is weird to think.

Also, I got a wonderful Valentine's Day package from my family (via Julie). Thanks to all for that. The plumbers who are putting a new shower into our flat tried the chewy cinnamon hearts. One plumber guy loved them and wanted to know what they were called and how to get them. The other was scraping his tongue off because he thought they were really nasty...

I've attached here some photos from P day and other stuff.

Here's the sea cave first.

Love you all lots!
Elder Houghton

Sea cave
Exploring the rocks

A little rock climbing. . .with shoes this time

We found a Sea Anememnomeoenemeoemne (Nemo)

Cathedral and some houses on the way to it. So, this is the
St. Davids Cathedral which makes St. Davids the
smallest city in the UK. It's a tiny town


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