Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Milford Haven Update

for 9 February 2015

From Elder Hougton's email home. . .he didn't write a "blog letter."  The first paragraph demonstrates his good spirits in response to my disappointment I expressed in my letter to him that we did not fell an oak tree I'd hope to get down last weekend.

Don't worry, you can get the oak tree another time. Mom 0 Oak tree 1 for now (just imagine Cruella DeVille "You may have won the battle but I'll win the War(drobe)" but without the drobe in your case (unless you want to save the wood and have it made into a nice wardrobe). I do remember the tree getting all snarled and ugly. If it's still there when I get back, I'll gladly help (but don't wait for me if you don't have too!-I know you got a little concerned there that maybe this wasn't your son emailing suggesting that he would help with a sweaty hard work project but it actually was.)

So, things are good. We miraculously regained contact with S. As it turns out, her husband R is angry with everything having to do with the church. In the same week that we realised that he may have seen the negative BBC documentary "meet the mormons" which would only be believable to someone like R in an angry state, the church released the real "Meet the Mormons" and we'll hopefully be able to use that to help him get a better picture of things. Plus, it's nice and inspirational and cool anyway so it can't really cause any issues anyway.

Pembroke castle, near Milford Haven--possibly the
castle near the KY's home.
The KY Family is doing well mostly. Dad still isn't interested but M is working to get back to church Hopefully we'll be able to get the kids on a date for baptism soon. We're going to explore a castle with them near their house (they are homeschooled) in a few hours and it will be great. Fortunately, Grandma Taylor-the amazing older knitting and cat lady who dotes upon us-gives us oodles of chocolate covered biscuits each week (I can't handle any more of them because there are just so many in the flat!) and we use those as a Book of Mormon reading incentive (not sure it's the best reason to read the scriptures but at least they're doing it-it's all good until Grandma Taylor runs out of Kit-Kat bars!). 

We talked to a lady out on a  street that we had prayed about going to tract in an area I'd never been. She was walking her dog and we had a pleasant chat. Toward the end of the chat, she asked us to pray for her brother in law who was struggling with cancer. His name (not his real name but we'll say it was) was Richard Queen. Lo and behold, I need a haircut really bad and there are no barbers in Milford open on a Monday. We popped by the barber on our street who is always closed. It was one of the first times I'd seen him open and there's not sign for his hours. We asked when he was opened and I caught a glimpse of his barbering certificate on the wall. The name was Richard Queen (again, not the real name but ya). So, only I realised it and we had to run but I'm now going to use lunch time to go get a haircut and see if it's the right Richard Queen. It was quite amazing. Also, we met and taught a Turkish former investigator who seemed pretty cool along with his English sort of Jehovah's Witness wife. They are really nice and open. I love Muslim people!

That's all for today!

Elder Houghton

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