Saturday, 28 February 2015

P-Day at Freshwater West

From 23 February 2015

Elders Hunter and Hougthon
Dear Everyone,
On P day last Monday, we went with the Galloways to Freshwater West (where Shell cottage/Dobbie'sdeath is and also a scene from some Robin Hood Movie). We didn't find any dead house elves but we did find a dead jellyfish and a dead seal. Ya, hopefully this picture isn't too gruesome. It was fun to explore the beach even though it's a bit different as a missionary in the winter than as a Californian in the summer. Luckily the weather did cooperate and it was a lovely sunny day. The water was really pretty and nice (not the brown in the picture that you see-we made the mistake of taking that picture right next to the storm drain pipe that was discharging lots and lots of muddie water sorry!).
Yes, pretty gruesome!
It has been a great week for us though. I had a weird ear problem but it seems to be gone now and it didn't really interfere with proselyting at all. We accomplished a lot of good things and got to teach a few new people so it was way good.
Have a great week!

Elder Houghton

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