Monday, 10 November 2014

Happy November!

Dear Everyone,

November is upon us here in England. It's getting colder and darker and wetter each day but that's ok. We just need to get better at time usage. I'm going to try to do a bit of missionary alphabet here-we'll see how far I can get. I don't have a lot of time today though so here goes:

Cliff, a referral from Brother Limacher who we're hoping to teach soon
Elder Houghton (me)
Fonseca, Elder-an Elder in Walsall A from Cape Verde, a small island off the coast of North Africa. His celebrity Look Alike is President Obama.
G. The last initial of a couple that moved into the ward recently and they're having us for dinner on Thursday
Hiltons, Elder and Sister-the Senior Couple assigned to Walsall from St. George. They're the best!
Job, a really cool college student we met. He's super busy though so it's hard to set up to meet with him. He seems way solid though. Hopefully it works out.
Kim, a wonderful recent convert lady we're working with along with her husband. It's tricky for them getting to church but they're really nice people and things are going well.
Limacher, Brother-our Ward Mission Leader who is moving out over the next two weeks. We're way sad to see him go.
Marvin, this cool black buy we met and will hopefully be teaching tomorrow if it holds.
New Investigators-the people we're looking for every day but they're doing a good job hiding from us at this point
Strupp, Elder-the new Elder in Walsall
Tukuafu, Elder-my companion. He's great and he's from Tonga and we're still together
Walsall, Wednesbury, Willenhall, Wolverhampton, Wednesfield, Woodsetton-area names around and in the case of the first two, in our ward boundary. There are lots of W's for some reason...

I'll try to fill in the rest next week maybe. It's been a better week this past one. Transfers happened and I stayed in Walsall B. We are really needing more people to teach but they are super hard to find right now. Things are getting going though. Also, good things are happening with Less Active People we're working with even if it's slow.

I hope all is well wherever you may be!
Elder Houghton

P.S. Because there's no Thanksgiving here, the stores and streets have gone straight to Christmas. It's odd missing out on a holiday.

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