Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Sunny Week in England

From 21 July 2013

Dear Everyone,
Sent this to Elders Houghton
and Jones this week--hopefully
they'll stay hydrated!
This past week has been slower but good in some ways. It's been dreadfully hot and humid and I've thus had a few minor sunburns and actually some heat exhaustion  on Tuesday that resulted in a bit of nausea and a need to slow things down and get super hydrated for the rest of the week. I think it's just because we're outside and it's hot and it kind of wears at you when you don't take any breaks or sit in a cool room (there's like no air conditioning anywhere in England) for days on end but I've got it under control. It's weird because it's not a dry heat like I'm used to in California and Utah-nor is it that hot at all really-it's just the humidity that makes it worse-plus the fact that it wasn't so long ago that it was cloudy and rainy 6 of 7 days of the week. Should be alright now though.
English "washing up liquid"

Nothing particularly exciting to report to you this week. We got S connected with some family history her sister has done and G's got lots of Family History work to do yet. Still a bit tricky to figure out membership numbers that we can get to link in with them but we'll eventually make it work. They're doing great and we got to meet some of their family this Sunday which was good. Just trying to convince S that she doesn't have to feed us every time she sees us and also convincing G that he really does have to let us do the washing up (English for dishes-different from washing which is laundry-also, they call dish soap washing up liquid and it's a bit different from our dish soap I think so if you ask for dish soap in a store, people will give you a weird look).
"Mountain Houghtons" at the completion of the Trans Tahoe swim.
We missed Luke!

I'd love to hear from you. I saw some pictures of an epic Tahoe Swim my family did. They are awesome and I wish I could have been there (though I'm a bit rusty on swimming as I haven't been near a pool in over a year).
Levi wore his "British flag" goggles
to include Elder Houghton in
the family Trans Tahoe swim!

Love you lots. Sorry it's short. I had to write a lot in other emails and time is very limited.
Elder Houghton

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