Monday, 2 June 2014

Only Houghton Missionary Out, and Learning Much!

Our Zone (pre-transfer) at Zone P day in Cheltenham.
Elder Hunter is the one who slid in front of me because he had to set all of the cameras off. 

The cake that Sister Muhlmann and Sister Urbani made
before they left. "You can eat the French Flag.
You can eat the German one too... but it's paper."
Dear Everyone,

The pictures are all from Elder Hunter's camera. Enjoy! 

 Elder Hunter likes carrots and the
Canadian in him couldn't resist
the opportunity to make a snowman out
of the ice we cleared out of the freezer.

Oddly enough, you can print pictures for cakes super cheap so we're going to get one for Sister Urbani with this picture and the words: "The Snowman Knows" which was a phrase that came out of the last District P day in regards to Elder Hunter's enjoyment of raw carrots. He doesn't like them cooked though.Anyway, this has been a really good week. There wasn't a tonne of numerical success but things are on the swing up and it should be great. We're working with members loads and had a goal of visiting all of the members in our area for a door step stop-by within the course of the week. Believe it or not, there are only about 15 family units in our area and we still didn't get to all of them within the week. However, there were a lot of really positive experiences which we had going to visit the ones we did see.

Elder Hunter is the best! It's hilarious how much we are laughing and enjoying working hard. We're trying to find the balance of visiting loads of people and also then doing finding along the way so that we still have other people to teach. It's a difficult transition from earlier in my mission when we essentially only taught people that we or other missionaries found to teach the gospel. One of the biggest challenges with Elder Hunter though is that, being Canadian, we have to work on the correct pronunciation of the word bag (it's not beg!). "I have a can of baapples in my bag." It's great. He's the best and it's funny to randomly hear him practicing "bag" under his breath. It's the best.
Hermana Houghton arriving in San Francisco,
with happy siblings.

In other news, My dear sister Hermana Houghton got back from her mission this past week. I'm officially the only one in my family serving a full time mission but I think it will be good. They might have time to write me now!

The picture in the ward bulletin,
not far from where the listing for both
Houghton missionaries used to be. . .
now it only lists Elder Houghton!
It's summer now which is nice except for the torrential rain that we still get periodically. Now, it's the issue of having to carry the rain jacket with you in your backpack even when it is sunny.

I've learned a few principles this week:

First: The Lord governs by revelation and inspired leadership for a reason-no other way works. Only in this, His way, is it possible to help all people sacrifice their own wills for the will of the Lord in all things. As missionaries and members of His church, we must choose to give all of our heart, might, mind, and strength to the Lord so that he can use us. No other way works.

Second: Love is key. Missionary work never works unless it is because we love the people and the Saviour (see Mosiah 2:17). We can't do it based on our love of self or out of duty or fear. It must be out of love. When we truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and its essence (which is love (President Monson's talk in General Conference Apr 2014))

I have learned so much on my mission and I've got to say it's really changed me. I'm glad I have another 11 months to get to where I want to be. Just as in life though, we never really reach perfection in this life but after. I think missions are similar in that we learn here how we need to be in the eternities to have the happiness and joy that we each want.

Happy June!

Elder Houghton

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