Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Visit to Wales, & Looking For the Elect!

From 17 March 2014
Cardiff, Wales
Dear Everyone,
In case you can't tell from the fact that I pretty much always start my emails with the weather, the weather is a really important thing and subject of conversation in England. People really do talk about it and it can be a good conversation starter. This past week it's been sunny like every day except it was foggy for a day and a half (both are rare phenomena in England). I hadn't thought fog was abnormal in England but it is pretty rare.
This week has been good but hard. We had a wonderful Zone Conference with the Europe Area President--Elder Texeira. IN WALES. That's right, we got to go to Wales. It was in Cardiff too which is in real Wales unlike Monmouth which is barely in Wales and full of English people where I went on exchange. So it was cool. We had time so we took the bus from Cardiff (Caerdydd) Central station to the chapel which was a ways off (instead of training directly to a closer and smaller station) so we could see Cardiff Castle. It was epic. Then on the way back, we had time so we strategically spread out and did Street Contacting in a big plaza area in front of the station for 45 minutes ish. It was great. I really liked Cardiff and would love to serve there. On a more spiritual note, Elder Texeira was wondeful and I learned loads and loads that really helped me out. I'm working on and was blessed with greater faith after the conference and it was awesome. I also got to see a few missionaries who I hadn't seen in a long time who are in my group but have been serving in Wales their whole missions (weird-some of them are only in their second areas and I'm in my fourth)
Our Investigators are progressing slowly right now. I just wish we could find some new ones. For some reason despite us working harder and more effectively than before to find the elect, the elect just aren't coming out of the woodwork yet. It's a bit frustrating but we are still working at it and hoping for miracles soon. It's also really frustrating when people give you fake addresses (45 and 38 on streets with that end at 43 and then have a restaurant where 38 would be) or just don't show up. I've definitely come to see how lying and wickedness really do keep people from receiving and being blessed by the truth which they need. So that can be a bit frustrating at times but whatever!
I've unfortunately used up a lot of my emailing time and I don't have a lot left so I've got to dash. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I love you lots and lots!
Elder Houghton
P.S. Random tidbit that I meant to mention:
1. We have a Nato base in our area!

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