Monday, 10 March 2014

Gloucester Cathedral and New Companion Elder Bergquist

The outside of the Gloucester Cathedral from inside the courtyard thing.

Dear Family,
Pictures first: 

American Money!

The District in the halls of Hogwarts cough Gloucester Cathedral for District P day on Monday

The main Hall in the Cathedral-it was weird. There are so many confusing pagan and other elements to the Cathedral and we were walking around and I just had a hard time understanding how they got all of it...
More pictures of the Cathedral to come eventually. My camera ran out of batteries so they are on someone else's camera.

Elders Bergquist and Houghton. Gloucester C Champs!


This week has been quite a whirlwind. We had transfers. I'm training a new missionary in Gloucester C. His name is Elder Bergquist and he's from Weiser Idaho. Pictures to come. 

Elder Decaudin and I at the Train station in
Gloucester waiting for his departure.

Because we knew I would probably stay and then found out where Elder Decaudin was going on Monday night, Tuesday was consumed with packing and saying goodbye to some special people for him and then Wednesday was consumed by the actual transfers at the mission office. Then it was District Meeting on Thursday, Weekly Planning on Friday, a leadership meeting on Saturday Morning and churhc on Sunday so Elder Bergquist hasn't yet been doing actual missionary work in the morning at all. 

A last remembrance of Elder Decaudin. Courtesy of recent Converts who
wanted to say goodbye.
It's been interesting remembering all of the things that I've totally adjusted to.
They include:
  • non-square milk jugs
  • Sacrament Meeting not being first
  • walking a lot
  • using a public computer
  • having to greet loads of people at church
  • stressing and worrying about Investigators 24/7
  • knowing the missionary lessons (not that I know them perfectly or anything...)
  • wearing missionary clothes every day
Anyhow, it has been a good week. Investigators are stressing me out loads as they are all sort of on the edge and for some reason, lots of things change when a new missionary comes in-lessons just have a different feel etc. Also, we need to find more people to teach-that's kind of a constant and ongoing battle though and possibly the hardest thing to do ever-in the history of the world. But it's ok. Things are going good. It's nice training because you get to be comfortable making mistakes together and not have to worry about being perfect 100% of the time even though you want to be a good example etc.
I've been studying this week kind of all over for lessons and etc. and I realised just how much I have learned and grown since coming on a mission and being out for a while. I don't think I could even clearly define "the gospel" until my mission. Now, I kind of think it's interesting that many Christians think that the Bible contains the gospel but aren't able to actually say what the gospel is or how it works or how we can learn it. So it's kind of ironic realising that I was essentially in that position just a year ago.
My new companion Elder Bergquist is great! He's humble and willing to learn and work hard together so it will be great. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us but it should be good. Also, Satan is doing double time in Gloucester lately. It's been a really tough week for most of the teams in the District here so it's a bit stressful and difficult but trials precede miracles in missionary work I think so hopefully many miracles come soon.
Above all, Heavenly Father lives and He loves us. He cares about our well-being and happiness more than anything else. He wants us to experience the joy which he has and he knows that we will be able to do so only after facing the trials and challenges of life. I'm so grateful for that love and care which He has for me and for those that I am blessed to be able to serve!
Lots of Love and have a great week!
Elder Houghton
P.S. For anyone who has lost or otherwise needs my current address:
Elder Houghton
Flat 1, 4 Cheltenham Rd.

That's right, there was an American flag in the Cathedral.

 Shout out to my Sonora friend Tige Wingo!
This was a box from Elder Decaudin's cotton buds.

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