Thursday, 27 March 2014

4.5 Days to Not Being a Teenager Anymore!

From 24 March 2014

Dear Everyone,
In case you haven't read the subject line to this email, 
I'm turning 20 on Saturday! 
How epic is that?!? 

For the weekly weather report: It's been pretty nice. Spring has more or less sprung and it's been warming up. The best thing is that it doesn't get dark until like 7! It's so great! I never appreciated that before being in England. It only rained once for real and then a bit more on Sunday sporadically too so it's great!

This week has been tough still. It's been really hard lately to find people to teach who will hold their appointments. They just keep flogging (not showing up) or cancelling. So it's been discouraging to find people who seem really great but then just vanish. But, we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders and I got to stay in Gloucester and see some cool miracles in finding including a man and his wife who were giving a chapel tour tonight but then they postponed to Friday.

Today we had Zone Preparation day as well here in Gloucester and it was great fun. It's nice to get together with other missionaries but weird because we've had Zone Conference and then Zone Meeting and then District Leader Conference and then Zone P day like a marathon and there will be no other meetings bigger than our District for three weeks. So Elder Bergquist is just dying with the fact that we've had so many meetings since he's been here but it is nice at the same time to be able to learn and meet together with others.

So... I don't have tonnes of time today (surprise surprise) but I am working hard and seeing things happen. It can be really frustrating that things often don't work out the way we would like them to and have them planned (e.g. getting two lessons cancelled tonight so we have to scrounge to find something meaningful to do this evening after P day ends among many many other things).  The Lord is teaching and guiding us a lot. It's really difficult sometimes but we are learning a lot in the process. Elder Bergquist is a champion and a very diligent and willing servant of the Lord so it's great to serve with him.

Sorry that I don't have any pictures to include with this email. I'll try to be better about that it's just that we're not supposed to take pictures during proselyting time so there's very little other time to take the pictures that I would eventually hopefully send to you all.

Anyhow, I love you all loads and loads and am looking forward to a great week!

Elder Houghton

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