Thursday, 8 August 2013

Transfer to Leamington Spa

Dear everyone,

     I'm safe and happy in my new area, Warwick B, with Elder Smart. We're opening up a new area! Elder Smart has only been out 1.5 months more than me so we're both super new and it's going to be an exciting adventure. He's great though and I'm super excited. Our flat is really nice, clean, spacious, wonderful in every way, etc. Basically the opposite of the Stroud Flat. They've stocked it with the bare essentials of cheap Asda (like walmart) stuff though so it's pretty sparse. It's crazy figuring everything out and we have basically no one to work with but we're moving forward and united and it's awesome! We actually live in Leamington (prounounced Lemmington ... town of lemmings... haha). It's real name is Royal Leamington Spa. It's the posh side of the Warwick (prounounced War-ick)/Leamington area. The Branch may be a train ride away though.

Our area includes Stratford-upon-Avon =where Shakespeare was born. It's super amazing and really exciting but it's going to be really hard especially since we're so new and have very little finding experience. We also had a crazy time getting here from the mission office. The coach was too full so our zone (Coventry) took the train but we had 4 peoples' stuff with 5 people at one point. That meant about 10 suitcases and three bikes plus 5 backpacks for 5 people. It was kind of crazy packing on the trains. I got left behind at one point but there were other missionaries going to the same station who actually knew where they were going so it was alright.

Our address is:

7 Ryland Close
Leamington Spa
CV31 1HU

Lots of love. Hope to hear from you all soon,
Elder Houghton

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