Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fortunate Encounter. . .

On my birthday, I received this email.  Happy birthday to me!  
Luke's Mom

Good morning.

My name is Ian Houston. I am traveling with my family through England and Scotland from Washington DC. I am LDS.

My mother is originally from Leamington Spa England. We had just visited my grandfather's grave and had been walking in the park called Jephson Gardens. My son saw elders walking in the distance. I called out "Elders."  They stopped.

We talked for some time and had a nice visit. I want to let you know that your son looked well and was happy and very friendly. I thanked him for what they both are doing and noted there was a purpose for every encounter including the one we had.

Here is a picture of your son and his companion with two of my sons who are 15 and 17. It was a special moment.  The possibilities of the encounter at that moment a million to one. I was grateful for the blessing of encountering your sons.

I hope you enjoy the picture and the story.

God bless,

Ian Houston

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