Tuesday, 14 May 2013

On the bus to Birmingham. . .England, that is!

Dear Family,
     I'm leaving the MTC tomorrow early morning on a bus to Birmingham!!! I'm super excited. Today we've done a bunch of workshop type stuff to get us ready for being in the field. I could have a teaching appointment as early astomorrow night! It's kind of crazy. Anyway, we're just supposed to get an email sent off so I'll get more information to you as soon as I can. I may or may not actually have a camera to USB  cable that I can use. I was planning on using my SD card but there aren't SD card readers on desktops and so there may not be pictures. Still working on that Mom. Thanks for everything. Also, I'm not sure if I was clear that I need Dad to do some research on how best to waterproof my Patagonia rain jacket. It's not going to fly as it is right now. Anyway, I'm off to get that picture at the temple. Have a lovely day. My guess is P day is Monday but who knows???

Lot's of Love,
Elder Houghton
P.S. England is AMAZING and all is well!

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