Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day at the English MTC

 Beautiful temple grounds

The MTC. All of those flags are represented at the MTC
 plus there are some Danish elders and some Pacific islanders.
Dear Family and others who will eventually read this,
     It's Mother's day! Usually, missionaries get to call home for Mothers day but there aren't phone facilities here for that so President Edwards arranged for us to be able to email today in addition to P (preparation) day as our next P day is who knows when because we're entering the field ON WEDNESDAY. It's kind of crazy. Sundays here are amazing. We don't have normal classes like other days but we still have a full slate of activities. We had a workshop on church history in England, one on music, and one on missionary handbook information. We also have already had the three hour block of church meetings (a District meeting in the place of Sunday School).

The Sisters in our district (I think this is the right one).
 I think I've already told you that my District is amazing! Our district has a lot of anomalies right now. We got an Elder from Oklahoma who had his visa delayed on Tuesday so there is a trio of Elders and then myself and Elder Stubbs. Also, our English district member Sister Reed's Father passed away from cancer he has been dealing with and went home for the weekend but is coming back (she has amazing faith and strength) tonight. So, the remaining sisters are in a trio as well. It's a little bit rough but they are awesome. The missionaries here and especially in the Helaman district (ours) are just really dedicated to doing the Lord's work and learning to be the best missionaries possible. We're learning a ton even though it's really hard and exhausting. 

Also today, in priesthood, we got the rundown on the how to of performing priesthood ordinances. We were asked to tell our Mothers what we learned and what we would do because of that. So mom, I'm need to keep it short but we learned that we are responsible to do Everything to be the most righteous and worthy priesthood holders ever and that's what I'm going to try to do because I want to always be in the right place at the right time. On another note, I'll work on a picture and scripture for you. 

 Elders Stubbs and others on the
bridge over the canal
The Canal and houses on that rainy day
Weather hasn't been the best for a picture (not all that bad either). Yesterday, our district plus a few others went for a jog on the towpath of a nearby canal in the rain and got stopped wondering why we were all so happy (great missionary experience). Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get a picture like the one we have of our family at the temple. It was too rainy today. We located the spot to get it though. It will be funny. Also, Dad, can you figure out what is the best way to waterproof my Patagonia jacket? It is really not waterproof up to an acceptable standard at all and I basically got soaked through yesterday. Eliza, sorry I didn't get a chance to write yet. P day was a bit not as relaxing as I might have liked. Marta and Tess: How was the parade??? Levi, your birthday present may be a bit late as there aren't really facilities for me to send you a package from here.

Love you all and especially Mom! Thanks for the info on Elder Stubbs.
One of the Elders in our district (Elder Bills) with the funky
English soda. Vimto good. Ginger beer bad.
Lemonade on the right is like sugary sprite and is ok.

P day spoils

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