Monday, 20 May 2013

Settling In

High Street in Stroud

Dear family,

Stroud is a beautiful place. It's sort of quaint but really cool too. The weather has been great (I brought it with me). My camera may or may not be able to connect to the computer at the moment, we didn't get to that this P day but I'll work on it soon. The ward here is only like 60 active members (a branch by US standards) and the building is right up the road from the high street and weekly farmers' market. We had a UK/Ireland regional conference broadcast yesterday and so I haven't actually been to church there yet. The broadcast was really awesome though as was the Saturday afternoon adult session. The stake seems really impressive from what I've seen though. Interestingly, it was all pretty applicable to me as a new missionary. 

My companion Elder Wood is from some place near St. George. We get along fine so far. The only investigator I've really met so far is Mike. We had our first lesson with him on Thursday when I arrived and I committed him to baptism if he learns that that's what Heavenly Father wants for him. I've grown to appreciate the importance of asking them at the very first lesson (even just a soft commitment like this one was) if they will be baptized. Doing so allows investigators to bring up any concerns that they have and get a vision of our final end goal for them. Commitments are everything because they are a measure of how far an investigator is and if they are really on the right path or need additional help. Also, it gives them something to do and think about so that they're not only learning when we're there. I've also come to really appreciate Preach my Gospel. It is an amazing resource and study guide for pretty much everything we need. I wish I knew it better before I came out here.
Tess: The first AP test is always the worst one but also the most valuable because you learn so much from taking it. You will have done fine. Don't stress about scores. You have my permission to keep yours a secret. Get a 5 on APUSH and APUSGOV though or you'll have to take American Heritage which is a drag that you don't want to have to deal with.

Marta: I'm sure you don't really care much about your scores. At this point, your year is basically over. Just don't get expelled before graduation. Any news on who the salutatorian is?

Mom: Thanks for the update. I would love to have the text of the family blog copied into an email that I could read if that would be possible (that might be what you already did). Everything sounds sweet though. Sly move with the girls' night in. Sounds like the Sonora 2nd Ward is having a lot of fun too. I'm glad things are going well in that arena.

Dad: I was worried that the jacket would need a particular type of waterproofer as it was already supposed to be waterproof before. Should I even worry about that?

Levi: I sent you your own email and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hermana Houghton: I sent you your own email too. We have mould here too so enjoy!
Sorry I haven't written much today and that there aren't pictures yet. I'll be better about that.

Elder Houghton

P.S. Send mail directly here or I'll only get it once a month. I'm supposed to be here for 12 weeks and maybe more so:
29A Lansdown

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