Sunday, 19 October 2014

Meet the Mormons!

From 13 October 2014

Dear Everyone (in the world... who reads my blog),
You should totally watch this movie:

For the Sonora Locals, it's playing in Manteca and Modesto. You can get tickets and see playing times on I really really wish I could watch the movie but I can't right now. Maybe someone will figure out a screening in the UK but we probably won't be able to go. I'm just hoping that we get to watch it once it is in DVD/online format(s). It just looks so so cool.

So, in other news, it's beginning to get cold and wet in Walsall! It's great but also a bit hard because we have to more aggressively prepare to adjust plans to unforeseen weather events. Elder Tukuafu is experiencing the wonders of England weather and being grateful that he didn't throw away the thermals that he brought with him (as he'd planned to do a few months ago when the weather was nice).

In other news, namely the Walsall Advertiser, we were in the newspaper for sort of participating in a walk put on by some ward members for polio-it was quite low-key but we got in the paper which was cool. Unfortunately, the bad luck I've had with newspaper people making errors in stories in which I've been involved has continued and Elder Tukuafu is now believed to be from Togo rather than Tonga. He's excited To Go back to Tonga at the end of his mission but that's the only way he's Togoing from here...

It's been a pretty interesting week. We've had some good things happen but there have been continued challenges. I love living in the immigrant quarter of Walsall surrounded by Muslims and Sikhs and all sorts of Eastern Europeans but it can be difficult finding. I have a general rule not to seek after people who are wearing extensive religious attire (Massive beards and huge orange turbans or Bhurkas especially) so that whittles it down to about 1/3 of the population. I always did want to serve in the Middle East. I guess that wish was granted. It can be hard though.

I couldn't wait for the Ensign of the October 2014 General Conference so I downloaded the Audio onto a flash drive today and will be listening to it shortly.

So, there's lots of other stuff that happened this past week but I shall keep it short as I'm running out of time. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives because it really truly works. I've seen that so many times on my mission. When we feel powerless, the Saviour has the power to help us. He wants us to be free from guilt and anguish so He has restored His gospel and taught the truth anew through a living prophet in our time. It's wonderful and it has changed my life and my eternity!

Lots of Love,
Elder Houghton

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