Monday, 4 August 2014

August is here!

The Gloucester District. They are great. Love 'em all to bits!

Dear Everyone,
I only have about five minutes. A few highlights:
The sisters had a double baptism yesterday and their recent convert Kondwani from Zambia is going to come with us to give service on Wednesday. The ward was pretty excited and it all went well.
The weather hasn't been too bad. It was storming Friday and Saturday and there was a massive downpour which we luckily avoided. Pretty intense winds but all was well and it's nice and cool today-might rain later though.
I made our map into a representation of Lehi's vision of the tree of life. Hopefully you can read it.  (It was too blurry to read).  


All the missionaries after the baptism plus K and two extra sisters-one had taught the other man being baptised when she was in Gloucester and I was in Stroud.


Sorry that I didnt' get to write anything much. Transfers are not this week but next so if you're going to write me, do it fast or send it to the mission office.
Elder Houghton

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