Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Another Week!

From 22 August 2014

Dear Everyone,

So, this week has been pretty good. On Friday, Alex was baptised by Elder Ruka and then on Sunday she asked me to confirm her. She is 13, really funny, and loves animals. Her testimony is really strong-especially considering that her father passed away just five weeks ago. She's awesome! It was really great for her and for the ward. Preparing her for baptism and having her interview and everything took up most of the energy for the week (it's remarkable how much we had to do actually). The ward here in Walsall is really great though. They are supportive, friendly, loving, forgiving, and amazing in just about every way. I'm grateful that I get to serve here.

In other news, Peter #1 flew home to Poland on Saturday and Peter #2 didn't show for our lesson (we were late though so it's probably our fault). We did talk to lots of Polish people in that area though (we'd brought Wojciech, the awesome Polish member here-I love him so much!) while we were there. Turns out Peter #1 wasn't really sincere anyway or at least that's what I think Wojciech was explaining to me (Peter #1's English is much better than Wojciech's which isn't very good). It's really funny being in a lesson with the two of them and Elder Ruka and realising that I'm the only one who actually speaks English and I still have little understanding of what's going on. It's great fun and a really good learning experience though-they remind me to slow down a lot. The Book of Mormon is great though for non-English lessons because we can read it verse by verse and stay on the same page about what's happening.

We shall see what happens this upcoming week though. We don't have many teachable investigators at the moment but we have some Less Active members we need to meet with and some finding to do. Hopefully we'll have time for it all. Transfers are this week as well so it will be interesting as always to see who goes and who stays and who the new companions are. I've got news that Elder Bergquist is training though so I'll have a full mission grandson! Woot Woot! Also, my Mission Cousin Elder Wrenger who has been in the same zone as me for all of his mission except one transfer (he keeps following me everywhere!) is training so it will be cool. If Elder Smart is there at transfers, we'll be able to get a four generation family photo! It's all just great. Technically, I'm not supposed to know about who is training but ya...

So, anyway, it has been a good week. It was great to be able to participate in Alex's conversion and change to following the Saviour. There is still a lot of work to do to strengthen her and her mother in the gospel and help them build up their testimonies. It will be good though and the ward is really supportive and encouraging.

Anyhow, I've got to get going but know that I love and pray for you all and hope all is well!
Elder Houghton

P.S. I'll  let you know about transfer news next week!

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