Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas From Coventry

Elder Houghton's Zone at a recent Conference

Dear Everyone,
A few pictures first.

Our new strategy; blend in with the Muslims. The nametag kind of gives it away.  Scarves are wonderful though.

The view out of our window at like 4:20 p.m. That's right, total darkness! To be fair, it wasn't actually that bad, it was dark but not quite pitch black, my camera just couldn't get the light from the inside and the normal picture outside at the same time. Note: please compare this picture to the one I sent in the summer when it was light and 10:30ish.

A mince pie. Mince pies are traditional English Christmas food. It's sort of a raisin/apple/fruity inside. I think they also might have traditionally had rum in them but I've only eaten the ones that members have given me so hopefully they're alright.

Anoop Sidhu, a member in our area, got his mission call and will be the first missionary from England to go to India. It's pretty exciting! They invited all the missionaries to his farewell (where they also fed us amazing homemade Indian food!) and we got a picture. So, it's Elder Unice, Elder Harris, Elder Sidhu (who had been set apart already), Elder Hall, myself, and Elder DeHaan. Somehow our District Leader, Elder Packer, who is Elder Hall's companion, didn't make it in the picture.

Post Sunday goodies that members of the ward gave us. The purple box and contents are leftovers from the ward Christmas party. It was so wonderful how members in the ward were just really nice about giving us gifts!

     So, this week has been actually a bit challenging. I'm learning a lot about how the Lord works and how we need to work hard and trust in him. It's difficult to trust though when that means that we have to let go and things may not go the best. We have seen miracles this week though and it's been good. The Christmas season is actually a bit tougher for proselyting because people are so busy and focused on their families and they're most often in their homes and not outside where we can talk to them. The Muslims in our area are out just as much as before though so street contacting has been a bit tough. Plus, Elder DeHaan and I are just getting adjusted to being together and how we do things. Our Investigators are doing alright though which is good.
    Our golden/amazing Investigator S is awesome as usual. She's progressing well. There were issues so she and her son D didn't make it to church on Sunday but hopefully everything goes well this week. We're going to try to visit them today. S has been really busy so it's been tough.
     Our other amazingly prepared Investigator F who we had lost contact with for about 4 weeks miraculously texted us the other day to say that she hadn't had phone credit and was still struggling to get a new place to live so that she can keep the law of chastity (she's been living with her boyfriend) so she can be baptised. Her text was an answer to many prayers on our part and on the parts of members who we've been asking to pray for her. Hopefully things go well from there.
     Other than that, A (the Polish lady) told us that she's not really interested, she just wanted to know what we believed and doesn't really want to change her life (sad). She did read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon though so maybe it will work it's power on her... We had a new Investigator O and his wife E who are great but are also hard to get in contact with. It took E 10+ minutes to answer the door last night and then O wasn't in so we had to reschedule the lesson for today. Hopefully it goes well. Also, we taught a cool Afghanistan guy named R. We'll see how that goes. He is Christian but it will be tough and I don't know if he grasped the Restoration. Basically, everyone else is on Holiday or we haven't been in contact with them at all because they never answer the phone (thus our having to try to do a lot of finding amidst the Muslims).
     Christmas is an amazing time of the year even if proselyting isn't the best. I can't wait to get to skype my family on Christmas day and also get to spend time with members and their families. It's going to be great if a bit hectic.
     I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas spirit and taking the opportunity to love and serve just as the Saviour did!
Lots and Lots of Christmas Love,
Elder Houghton

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