Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Thievery in Coventry

From 28 October 2013

Luke ran out of time to write a family email on 28 October, so I'll summarize. . .

He and his companion were the victims of typical Dickens'-type thievery--a small gang of "drunks" came upon them and their shiny new bikes, swung a few punches, and ran off with the bikes.  Luke says he's surprised that punches in the face don't hurt as much as he thought they would, and he's sad he got hit on the same side of the face every time--he didn't think to "turn the other cheek."  Luke's Mom is wondering if they need to implement "Stranger Danger" and "Self Defense" classes in the MTC  

But both Luke and his companion are fine, on foot unfortunately, and hopefully wiser for the experience.  

Luke's Mom  

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