Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Just Pictures

16 September 2013--No letter this week and transfers are coming up.  So here's a pictorial report of Preparation-Day activities.

Kenilworth Castle (a ruin and really expensive to actually enter so we just walked around and took silly pictures). It was also raining off and on and really windy. England is an interesting place for weather.
We were acting out me about to catch falling Elder Smart then he jumped at me for real. I think you can sort of tell in this picture that I'm about to take a few quick steps back. Helmets for dramatic effect.

 The Elders in our District at District P day at Kenilworth Castle. Elders Smart, Paton (serving in Nuneaton and from Adelaide, Australia), Prosman (our District Leader--on top, also serving in Nuneaton and from The Hague, The Netherlands), and Houghton.

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