Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"Vince," "Chucking, " MoTab, Postponed Baptism, & Clean Kitchen!

Dear Family and Friend (on the blog)

Things have been a bit crazy. Hopefully you've seen the pictures I've sent of late as I'm now going to attach and discuss some more. 


First thing is my wonderful new bike who has tentatively recieved the name Vince. He's awesome, though I still cringe at his value in pounds and cringe even more when that gets converted to dollars. I hope and pray that that all works out. He's an XL and fits nicely. The mudguards are absolutely necessary as you can imagine and will see from a later picture of Elder Wood changing into rain gear during my first real bike ride in the rain. Because our area lacks in Public transportation and is too spread out and hilly to bike (much like Sonora) much, we get a lot of rides from members, especially our Senior Couple the Darracqs.

Elder Wood on this weird coaster rail park toy thing that was really cool. The parks here are awesome. This one is a bit out from Stroud and we don't have many near our flat but it's still pretty cool.

Our kitchen sink (post cleaning inspections). It's the only picture I think I've sent of our flat which is really quite dingy but is looking up since cleaning.

Our investigator Gareth who was going to be baptised had his baptismal date indefinitely postponed. This was quite heartbreaking as we were really praying and hoping that he would be ready. He hasn't yet received the answer that the Book of Mormon and Church are true and is stuck on a few things. The date of Jun 22 which we invited him to was definitely inspired though and he's progressing and will be baptised just not quite now. Our other real investigator isn't answering our calls (on the phone or at the door) and is worrying us as we'd only visited him twice in the one week we'd known him. So, we're working on the other people who need help and hopefully looking for more investigators.

I found the MoTab greatest Hits CD in our Flat! It's awesome because I can listen to it. I didn't think I'd miss music that much but it's nice to have those familiar songs. I'd totally thought of packing this exact CD too. It surfaced at a miraculous time as well and was definitely an answer to a prayer. Thanks to whichever sister (from the last 10 years in which our flat was occupied by Sister missionaries) left that there!

These two pictures go together. They are taken at the same time. It's remarkable because though it's a bad picture, it's still light outside at some time after 9! Also, not pictured and to the right is a barn where someone houses and feeds all the pigeons in the town. It's kind of odd and I'm still trying to figure out why it's there. It's funny to see the pigeons walk in and out of these little doors right outside our window.

The Liking Helmet of Awesomeness was a souvenir of our member friend from Cheese Rolling a while back. It's pretty funny. He's a great guy and always willing to help us with whatever we need.

Ducking in to a tunnel when it started chucking it (how English people say raining hard) as we biked through Stonehouse, a village adjoining Stroud.
I'd love to write more but am worried about time.  Things are going well and I'm learning a lot. I'm looking forward to your letters and hopefully writing some myself.
Elder Houghton 

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